Not really a secret. I’m a huge fan of empowering, becoming more independent, self-confident and overall happy with life.  Any tasks/jobs/fun adventures that enable said feelings, sign me up.  But what you don’t realize in the beginning of the adventure is how much the journey will change you.

For YEARS, (since MIDDLE SCHOOL) I spent every Sunday night giving myself a DIY polished manicure.  By Wednesday, I’d be frustrated and upset with myself, they were chipping, color faded, my actual nails were broken, and I’d give up.  Crying myself broke- (I’d ALWAYS be buying a new color), I had reached a point in college where I said “Screw it, I’ll just put on gel tips.”  Well that didn’t make life any easier.  I’d have to rush off campus at 3pm on Fridays to cash a paycheck and go to the salon for a fill or a new set.  And even then, sometimes the polish chipped (or a few drunken instances, where a nail would break, and I wouldn’t notice til the next morning when it felt like I put my fingernail down a garbage disposal)

I’d reached a low point when I brought all my polishes to my office for a late night program.  (Previous life I lived on a college campus til I was 25, getting PAID to live on campus and host late night events…story at a later date).  I had close to 200 colors.  Many duplicates, some old, some new, and nothing that satisfied that “no chip before Wednesday” urge I wanted to fulfill.

When I was 23,  (yep, I’ve been around for a long time) I joined Pinterest.  (What a mistake!  I’ve wasted so much time and given myself many an anxiety attack).  Seeing the zillions of DIY nail art, I was determined again.  Not only did I master the art of the basic mani, it was time to master fancy nail art.  #fail.  #nailedit.  #frustration.  #cry.

Scar on ring finger? Yep. That was caused by a potato peeler...

Scar on ring finger? Yep. That was caused by a potato peeler…

Then at 26.75 years old, my good friend introduced me to Jamberry.  These suckers were already designed, they are heat activated, don’t chip and last for as long as you let them.  (I’m still on my “Every Sunday night” routine).  I was hooked.  I knew this was the answer to my prayers.  And from then on out, I knew I needed to stick with this. Two years ago, I became an Independent Consultant (cue the fancy impressed face) with Jamberry Nails.

I’ve saved myself so much frustration, money, hours at the salon, fumes from nail polish remover, cotton balls, you name it.  I just stick these vinyl-wraps and I’m good to go.  No need to wake up Monday morning with the imprint of the bedsheets (cause you went to bed with tacky-not-yet-dry nails), no need to hide the polish stains on the kitchen table, just apply, heat, press and go. Life changed.

And now I’ve finally figured the manicure game out.

No more chips, just wraps.  Took me close to 27 years to figure this aspect of life out.  I can confidently say Jamberry ceased my frustration and tears while saving me money.  And my already awesome my personality has changed (for the better, obvi).  Jamberry also has helped me with my self-confidence- in more ways than I could EVER EVER imagine.

I’m now able to actually TALK to people without being nervous and feeling like I’m being judged.  I’m able to put myself “out there” (still don’t know where “out there” is), and I’m able to help others “put themselves out there”   (if you know where “there” is, tell me PLEASE!)  as well.  I’ve helped myself and friends/family achieve healthy, self-confidence boosting manicured nails, all while saving time, money, patience, frustration and overall quality of a Sunday night.25410994600_f851fcfb23_o  …after all, we are social animals by nature.  Why not spark a conversation with someone over something as visibly noticeable as your nails?  They are attention grabbing for sure, and since I’ve now tried to become a “social butterfly” I might as well have a good conversation starter rather than the boring “So what do you do?” question.  I’d rather explain about my awesome nails than my boring 9 to 5 day job  (more to come on the day job…)

Not only have I learned how to overcome the fear of reaching out to people and sparking up a conversation…

I’ve learned how to be more confident in my own self-expression.

I owe the downfall of the fashion blog to Jamberry.  Gee thanks.  I became more creative in my daily approach to everyday tasks/chores/conversations that I had to let something slide…and since we all know that fashion is expensive…bye bye fashion blog, hello CREATIVITY!  Being creative has changed who I am and where I am going

Sometimes you just have to trust the gut feeling.

Take a leap of faith.

And that’s what I did.

And that’s what I am going to continue to do.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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