Piece of Clareity is a brutally honest, sarcastic take on life, learning and navigating the answer to that super annoying question:

“What are you doing with your life these days?”

Thank you, Saturn’s Return, if you are experiencing a “quarter-life or not quite mid-life crisis” you can relate.  The fear of the unknown, the doubt, the frustration, the constant existential questioning…

 Stick around- maybe inspiration will strike.

Reading and researching is a great part of learning and helping figure out who you are, where you are going and what steps you probably should take next.  With Piece of Clareity, you’re going to find that you’re not alone in this self-discovery.

Follow along for a sarcastic commentary about this game of life.

In case you failed spelling in the 4th grade, or rely heavily on auto correct, you would notice that Clareity was misspelled.  My name is Clare- and this lil’ blog is a piece of the interwebz that will provide a comedic relief in today’s serious, “you must know what you are doing at all times” world.  Know that I’m still learning, but my love for learning is the reason I’m sharing things as I discover them.

 Don’t know what you are doing?  Me either.

If you are still reading- congrats!  You get it.  You find humor in sarcasm, poking fun of oneself, and the importance of living life in a light-hearted manner.  Serious readers, need not apply- Piece of Clareity will be a “sharing what I’ve learned about _____” space.

If you think you’ve learned all you can, click away now…

I used to blog.  Actually, I used to fashion blog.  And then I was pregnant, felt too pregnant to be cute to continue to fashion blog.  Plus, I was running out of steam.  Fashion blogging was getting too competitive and expensive.  Writing about outfits was beginning to be a chore, writing about life was more fun.  When something becomes a chore,  time to move on.

I’ve fully accepted Saturn’s return, and the idea to prove to the Mr. that I’m not crazy, and that I CAN stick with something consistently for more than 5 minutes.

(Ooo look!  Something shiny!….be right back….)

Wine, cooking, eating, working out, decorating my life planner, being a mama, the list goes on.  But in Westchester County, NY, there’s tons of things to keep me occupied, which help usher me along through this exploratory phase of life, thus being the muse of this blogosphere… We’ll explore together just exactly who we are and what we should REALLY be doing with our lives…

Go grab yourself a glass (or goblet) of your favorite wine (or check out some of my favorite wines here), and stick around.  You’re in for a sarcastic treat.  And maybe even a personal self-discovery!