We are all independent contractors of some sort.  At the end of the day, in this social media run world, we all have to individualize ourselves, our brand, who we are in order to stick out.  We have to show how we are different from the rest.  And throughout the #failedfashionblog and the Jamberry business, and then recreating my brand into Piece of Clareity, I’ve learned a lot about who I am and how I operate.  And because we discussed the importance of always be learning.  Learning teaches you how to stand out, how to brand, and make a difference.

Before I go into how I stand out from the crowd, I have to go back into the depths of my past and dig down deep to tell my story.  We all read the Jamberry and Crying (a lot of crying) post, where I babbled on about how I had more tears than sales.  Well, the story goes further back than just deciding to spend $99 and cry for weeks.  Instead, I have to explain my obscene passion for and the intense love-hate relationship I still have with nail polish, writing and overall being the girliest of girly girls ever.

I’ve learned this process is all about being true to who you are and where you want to go.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been painting my nails.  And routinely on Sunday nights.  During this time, I’d lose my train of thought in some sort of meditative state, getting lost in my imagination, picturing myself writing at an old-fashioned typewriter with the perfect manicure ever.  (Or back in my piano playing days, having these fabulously manicured nails with the perfect non-chipped polish).  So I started to write in journal after journal.  Scrap paper after scrap paper.  I was clueless and I would ONLY be creative and write when I had perfectly manicured nails.  Weird, I know.

Then this Jamberry thing came along and every Sunday night I went to bed with fabulously manicured nails and tons of creative writing inspiration.  At the same time of this Jamberry thing, the #failedfashionblog was in full swing, and the way the Fashion Blogging World was trending, no one cared about the writing or the stories, they just cared about the fashion.  And being me, I still am not one to be super fashionable but I can write one helluva blog post.  (Great, now I want French Onion dip…). So when Piece of Clareity came to reality…I started writing again.

So at the end of the day, when I am sitting in front of my computer with the blog’s page up, and a WordDoc blank, staring back at me, I panic.  But then I remember how I have “employed myself” as an independent contractor.  I’ve become my own “brand” and have slowly found my niche- of just writing what I see/how I see it and what I’m learning.  Mostly Jamberry, yes, but there are some satires in there.  And who knows what will come in the future, but I’ve learned to be myself, and to offer a Piece of Clareity.



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