I’ve said it once before and I’ll gladly say it again.  #year29 will be huge.  Granted, we’re now about 2 full months in, (and what a tumultuous 2 months they’ve been) but now it’s time for me to take #year29 into my hands and fight for something huge.  I feel like there’s something big on the horizon, but I don’t know what that “something big” could be.  And honestly, I think I’d rather have the surprise and turn #year29 into the year that makes waves in this ocean of life.  Because I’ve still got a lot of time before #scary30.

I believe in the power of positivity, the power of visualization, the power of personal determination and grit.  I’m ready to take a leap and I’m determined to prove that I have a lot of fight left to make #year29 HUGE.  I’ve been tossing around many ideas, albeit crazy and lofty ideas/goals, but if I only have these little ideas, why not make them explode into something huge?  After all, I have a lot of family/friends who are in full support of these crazy ideas, so why not just jump in and go for them? Scream them loud and proud.

Time to release the “what ifs…” and just do

With this past month, I’ve discovered that I have a natural ability to be a self-confident, positive leader.  I’ve lead a team (okay, me and two other people) to a hugely successful month, and we are forging ahead to the future and planning our goals together.  Without these girls, my dream of becoming HUGE and making #year29 a success wouldn’t be happening.  They are teaching me the power of belief, fight, determination and the importance of personal development and growth.  I look forward to the future of our friendship and where 2017 will be taking us as a mini team.

And now that I have a strong sense of team community and self, I am now exploring the opportunity to branch out.  And that’s what’s scaring me.  All the “what ifs” are flooding my mind.  “What if…I make an idiot out of myself”  “What if…the words don’t come out right and I sound like a pushy salesperson?”  “What if…people are mean in their rejection and write me out?” “Will I lose friends?”  I KNOW I can’t lose family but… “what if…people think I’m absolutely nuts?”  I think I can answer that… I am crazy.  Crazy for the product, and drive.

Where the passion lies, the rest will follow

I have two major challenges with Jamberry this upcoming year.  I self-imposed said challenges.  (Pulled a Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother”)  But if we don’t set goals/challenges upon ourselves, then what happens?  We become complacent and boring.  And I’ve been boring the last two years with Jamberry, why not make year 3 something to remember?  I’ve watched from afar and now it’s time.  Time to really make things happen and be a little more aggressive.  I’ve seen how this has changed my life so far, why not help others experience the amazing opportunity and change for themselves?

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I decided.  I am going to the International JamCon in June.  I’m going by myself (unless my teammates meet me out there) on a flight to Salt Lake City, BY MYSELF, staying in a hotel room BY MYSELF, and attending a huge international conference WITHOUT KNOWING ANYONE.  Sounds super intimidating.  And this time last year I would’ve said that is the stupidest thing I could ever challenge myself to do. The introvert that I am, the anxiety and overwhelming sense of fear overtakes me.  However, with the twists and turns that Jamberry brought me…time to prove I can do this.

“Starting right now I’ll be strong I’ll play my fight song And I don’t really care if nobody else believes ‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me”

A few weeks ago, my brother (who still cannot believe I sell “nail stickers”) got stationed in a far-away exotic location.  The plan is to visit him and the family at Christmastime.  He challenged me to have my Jamberry business pay for the trip.  (As much as I can).  And had he said this last year, I would have laughed, but now I have this burning desire to show everyone I can do it and I DID do it.  I’ve still got a lot of fight left to fight, but I am determined to not let him down.  Challenge Accepted.

I’m banishing the “what ifs” I want to focus on the positives.  I want to show people that this little business is more than just selling nail stickers.  I’ve been learning a sense of self, proving that you are capable, providing yourself the confidence to overcome the introverted personality, while having fun, building friendships and if a small bonus dollar or two come my way, then sure, let’s celebrate.  But I’m more focused on how the personal growth has changed my confidence, and my overall ability to say “I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion.”

Clareity: Jamberry core Value

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How will you be creative? What will you do to make 2017 your year?




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